Sitting in the jail is not fun, especially if it’s a dirty and smelly place. Whether you would have to go jail at all or no and what kind of jail it would be is largely dependent on the court decision against your particular case. The court decision depends mainly on two things: that is, how grave your crime is and how good your lawyer is.


If you are caught drinking while driving, or even taking illegal drugs, and then hit a bunch of children crossing street nearby a school, then you will have no hope other than that your sentence will ever pass. However, if you are just caught harmlessly driving while drunk, you shouldn’t worry much and try to get yourself a good lawyer. Remember well, that having a lawyer is in the end cheaper than the cost of not having one. Even if your lawyer is an idiot it would still worth the gamble of spending some money rather than ending up in a jail. Nonetheless, nothing stops you from having a good lawyer as well; maybe it would just require a little bit more of research. If you don’t have much time reading reviews we could also recommend you a good lawyer that had actually shifted our expectations on how far the severity of a DUI case could go while still being justifiable in court.


Here is his website:, you can contact him if you like. We do understand that driving under the drugs could be quite fun too, especially if you have a good sound system and a bunch of fellow passengers with a good sense of humor, though we still discourage you from doing that. Why, because it’s still safer for you – remember that the best defense in court is not an attorney, but prevention. You could almost always win the driving under influence case if you actually didn’t do that.


Also remember that if your case reaches the court, everything will be considered. Have you used a seat belt when you ran over these helpless children? Did you drive on the green or the red light? Even the smallest details could be raised in court, so it makes sense to prepare yourself thoroughly for giving a sensible word when you still have a chance. When you do get in jail it might be a little bit too late, unless you come out with a good escape plan. In an average American jail, everyone is given multiple chances of escape yearly. Few of them however are used, as the prisoners lose their morale and have little courage to achieve an escape. In case of failure their conditions could be reconsidered. So do not neglect your case until your sentence becomes inevitable. If ever you get involved in this type of offense it is wise to hire the DUI attorney immediately and thus prevent your case from worsening. Sometimes it could also be settled as compensation or a house arrest.